Alpha 1 Technologies can handle technical support for all your Universal Instruments Through Hole Machines (pth) and Surface Mount Machines (smt).

We’ve been supplying technical support for Universal Instruments Thru Hole and Surface Mount machines for over 30 years. Dip or IC, Axial Lead, Radial Lead and GSM. We carry spare parts for most legacy machines. We provide AlphaCom Software terminal interface tested through Windows 11 to replace the old DOS system.

Youtube Channel: Radial Lead Test Multi Mod Alphacom

If you need technical support for your older Universal Instruments equipment, contact us today.

Machine Calibration
Machine Calibration

Field Service

  • Support for Universal Instruments legacy machines
  • Axial Inserters: 6241B, 6241C, 6241D, 6241F
  • Radial Inserters: 6358, 6360B, 6360C, 6360D, 6360E, 6380A, 6388
  • Dip Inserters: 6796A, 6772A
  • GSM, Advantis, Genisis, Fusion
Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Spare Parts and Software

  • Spare parts available for Universal Instruments Legacy machines
  • Alternative parts for obsolete parts for Universal Instruments machines
  • Spare parts inventory setup
  • AlphaCom Software
Technical Support
Technical Support

Onsite Training

  • Machine Maintenance Training
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Process Flow
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Process Documentation

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