Maximize your return on investment.

Value New Equipment Through Hole Equipment

Replace your older equipment with our value added through hole equipment. Windows operating system is standard with all equipment. Reduced maintenance costs make these machines affordable and cost effective.

Sales and Service for Universal Instruments Through Hole

We service support Universal Instruments Legacy equipment. We can rebuild and bring your equipment back to factory specifications. With our one of a kind AlphaCom Software you can extend the service life of your older equipment.

New Equipment

Axial Through Hole
Axial Lead Inserter

Used Equipment

Through Hole Equipment
Universal Instruments Dip Inserter

Axial Lead Inserters

  • MA30 Axial Lead Inserter
    • Medium Speed
    • Pass Thru
  • HA30 Axial Lead Inserter
    • High Speed
    • Pass Thru
  • A20D Axial Inserter
    • Medium Speed
    • Stand Alone

Radial Lead Inserters

  • MR30 Radial Lead Inserters
    • Medium Speed
    • Pass Thru
  • HR30 Radial Lead inserters
    • High Speed
    • Pass Thru
  • R20D Radial Inserter
    • Medium Speed
    • Stand Alone

Our Through Hole machines are affordable and come with a very competitive warranty. Why pay more.

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Axial Lead Inserters (Universal Instruments)

  • 6241B, C, D and F
  • 6287A
  • 2596A, B and C

Radial Lead Inserters (Universal Instruments)

  • 6358A
  • 6360XQ, B, C, D, E
  • 6380A
  • 6388

DIP/IC Inserters (Universal Instruments)

  • 6772A Multi Mod
Multi Mod Rebuild Thru Hole
Multi Mod Rebuild

We provide Technical Support for all Universal Instruments legacy equipment.

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