Solder Machines




  • Affordable pricing.
  • Redesigned ceramic coated cast iron solder pot 300 kg capacity for lower startup cost
  • Lambda wave is adjustable externally reducing the need to remove the pot to make adjustments
  • Windows 7 Platform user friendly GUI
  • PLC + Commercial computer controls, excellent reliability
  • System software automatically generates backup & log files to meet ISO9000 requirement
  • Lengthened Infrared Pre-heaters in 3 or 4 sections for enhanced heat transmission & distribution
  • Automatic spray fluxer, spray area, timing and speed varies automatically by board model
  • Built-in profiling system, software featured with analysis, saving & printing abilities
  • Lengthened pre-heaters in 3 sectors, unbreakable glass covers, convenient for operation & maintenance
  • Intelligent fault alert system, on-line display and record all system errors
  • Adjustable wave height for Chip & lambda independently
  • Featured with intermittent wave, reduce of solder dross formation
  • Visual & audio alert, emergency shutdown, overloading protection to motors
  • Programmable & fully automatic system on/off timer

Series 3A and 3B Wave Solder Brochure