AlphaCom Software

AlphaCom Software replaces your old Universal Instruments PPU communication software

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Setting Variables
Program Editor

Software Features:

  • Will work on Windows 10
  • Compatible with UICS 1.3, 1.3EMO and 2.0
  • Automatic communication with machine – no more typing commands or remembering pattern names
  • Manage patterns and SET variables in an intuitive Explorer-style view with full navigation controls
  • Easily transfer patterns between machine and PC
  • Transfer multiple patterns at once with drag & drop
  • Input and Change patterns with a WYSIWYG editor that features cut/copy/paste and dual “;IF” filters
  • View and Print patterns directly from the machine
  • Rename and Erase patterns at any time
  • Run patterns via dialog box or using drag & drop
  • Deactivate multiple patterns at the same time
  • Analyze patterns quickly & print or save the results
  • See Status of all machines at once, or one at a time User friendly interface
  • Simple drag and drop features
  • Provides Network connection for uploading and downloading programs
  • Easy to use program creator and editor
  • Work with all SET variables at once, or by machine
  • Edit SET variables in a convenient refreshable dialog
  • Easy-to-use interface for DIAGNOSE command with machine FAW assignment listing and real-time I/O
  • Quickly print machine info or copy to clipboard
  • Manage multiple pattern libraries in one tree view
  • Supports Windows networking via mapped drives
  • Copy and move patterns between library folders with simple dialogs or via drag & drop
  • Import/Export patterns from and to outside sources
  • Instantly open Windows Explorer in any library path for easy access to advanced file management
  • Fast executive transfers with built-in absolute loader
  • Direct-connect terminal window for troubleshooting
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