Equipment Rebuilds

Rebuilding a machine requires attention to detail.

All rebuilds have to pass the three F’s: Form, Fit and Function


Power Supply and Electronics

Power Supply and Electronics

X Y Table

X Y Table

Reasemble After Painting

Reassemble After Painting

Multi Mod Stripped and Power Washed

Multi Mod Stripped & Washed





Final Product

      • First, thoroughly cleaning and painting of the machine
      • Paying close attention to the overall appearance of the machine
      • Inspection and repair of all sub assemblies including the electrical system, control panel, wiring harness, castings and mechanical assemblies
      • Finally, the machine is calibrated to factory specifications and tested for functionality
      • Rebuilds are available for all Universal Instruments Legacy products
      • Axial Lead, Radial Lead, Multi Mod, GSM1, and GSM2

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